The Business Information Systems Institute Ltd (in Polish: Instytut Informatyki Gospodarczej sp. z o.o.) is a Polish SME established in 2006 by researchers in the area of Information Systems. It is a spin-off set up to conduct innovative projects with required strong research involvement and potential for commercialization and its main capital is the know-how of its founders. 


The mission of the company is to create innovative IT technologies and their application for business. I2G is a project oriented organization which both reacts to and creates opportunities in the environment, gathering knowledge and resources necessary to conduct the project and bring concrete results. 


The main area of expertise is information and knowledge management. I2G aims at endeavours that build its intellectual capital which is considered its main asset. It has successfully completed several projects dealing with various types of Web Information Systems, committed research experience and knowledge of its founders and applied modern technologies to create advanced Web applications. Other areas of activity and knowledge building in the company include: statistical natural language processing metods, extraction of product and price related information from the Web, data integration, especially in the context of numerous Deep Web sources.